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The Mission of the NJ Yoga Collective is to create an all-inclusive online destination for yoga in the Garden State. We connect community, offer inspiration, provide suggestions for practice, educate readers and showcase a carefully curated collection of local experts finding balance in their lives and pursuing their dreams.

The aim of the NJ Yoga Collective is to be a resource for empowerment through yoga, meditation, mindfulness, karma, food and deep thoughts. We highlight, promote and show massive love to NJ yoga studios, feature events, showcase how local yogis are changing the world, share nourishing recipes with a focus on local ingredients and dig into the practice with asana breakdowns, meditation guides and thoughtful sequences from NJ’s best teachers.

Most importantly, we let students know where and how to find yoga EVERYWHERE in New Jersey.

Why do we do it?

Because NJ is an amazing place for yoga, on the mat and off. We’ve seen unprecedented growth in studios, teacher trainings, workshops and events. Now it is time to see connection and community catch up. Now it is time to support each other and take our yogic lifestyle to the next level, together.

About New Jersey Yoga Collective, Bridget Riepl Bridget Riepl
Co-Founder, Director of Partnerships
Bridget is a mother, yoga teacher, writer, content creator, speaker, presenter, coffee snob, and local adventurer. Bridget started teaching yoga 7 years ago, as a cathartic release after long days of lawyering. In 2012 she made a massive shift, choosing to transform her part-time yoga commitments into a full-time pursuit of passion.  Since then she has taught more than 3000 hours of yoga all over Monmouth County, written for MindBodyGreen and the Huffington Post, served as a Lululemon and Manduka Ambassador, worked on numerous philanthropic projects including the Global and Local Mala Projects, and contributed her expertise in sequencing, advanced asana and yogic storytelling to yoga teacher trainings.
Bridget was introduced to the practice of yoga during her junior year at Loyola College in Maryland when she stepped into a tiny candle-filled room on the upper level of Loyola’s massive fitness center.  She showed up for the class because she didn’t like running on treadmills; she stayed because the one-hour hatha practice (although she didn’t know the word hatha at the time) quieted her mind, calmed her senses and helped her to see the difference between “doing” and “being.”
Since then, Bridget has sought out opportunities to study deeply with teachers who spark her creativity, inspire her intentions and challenge her to step outside of her comfort zone. She is forever grateful to the transformational humans like her Mom and Dad, Pema Chodron, Elizabeth Gilbert, Gabrielle Bernstein, Elena Brower, Sadie Nardini, Barbara Paulsen, Christian Valeriani, Tim Shaw, Serena Soffer, Eleonora Zampatti, Vanessa Van Noy, Meghan Currie, Jodi Kobrin, Lauren Pappa, Irene Pappas and Ellen Kaplow for their teachings, writings, words, imagery, and ideas, all of which have, in some way, led her to this blessed moment.

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