The 11th Annual Global Mala

The 11th Annual Global Mala

September 20, 2020


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Join us for the 11th Annual Global Mala – 108 Sun Salutations – Zooming into your home on September 20, 2020!

108 Sun Salutations. Together, Apart. Our 11th Annual Celebration of the GLOBAL MALA!

We are again aligning the Mala with the UN’s International Day of Peace. The 2020 theme for the International Day of Peace is “Shaping Peace Together.”

“The UN General Assembly has declared this as a day devoted to strengthening the ideals of peace, through observing 24 hours of non-violence and cease-fire…

As we struggle to defeat COVID-19, your voice is more important than ever. In these difficult times of physical distancing, this International Day of Peace will be dedicated to fostering dialogue and collecting ideas. The world will be invited to unite and share thoughts on how to weather this storm, heal our planet and change it for the better. Even though we may not be able to stand next to each other, we can still dream together.”

The 2020 Mala will support these incredible NJ-based charities, that are all deeply rooted in mindfulness practices:

Newark Yoga Movement: Newark Yoga Movement enhances the educational experience and provides easy access to increased peacefulness, focus and confidence as a complementary source of discipline and structure for all. Newark Yoga Movement meets every Newark child where they are, bringing them life skills through the practice of yoga, breathing and centering at their schools and in their communities.

Newark Yoga Movement 501c3 was founded in 2009 to help provide important social and emotional learning (SEL) skills to children through conscious breathing and yoga.

KYDS: a 501c3 non-profit based in Asbury Park, NJ that positively transforms Youth, Schools, and Communities through holistic practices that bring balance to the mind, body, and heart.

Ceiba Soul Foundation, Inc.: Back in 2017, after Hurricane Maria Hit, a group of Latina Yoga Teachers got together to collect money and goods they could take to the island and help with the restoration. They decided to launch Ceiba Soul Foundation Inc. soon thereafter, with the aim and mission is to provide yoga and wellness to under served and under privileged populations, through grassroots efforts and/or during times of disaster recovery (when the need for stress release, symptoms of anxiety and trauma is rampant.)

Our Event will begin at 8:30 AM, with Sun Salutations to begin at 9 AM.

If you’ve never attended a Mala, here is what you need to know:

Our original inspiration was Shiva Rea, who created the first Global Mala in 2007. Her goal is and was to bring the global yoga community together from every continent, school, and approach to form a “mala around the earth”.

From there, we were – and continue to be – inspired by community. We come together to do 108 sun salutations (yes! 108!) to raise awareness and funds for charity, inspire connection, deepen our collective intention to serve, create some seriously good karma, and have an incredibly memorable yoga-marathon together.

Come and join us on September 20, 2020, from your hOMe. (We do have 20 IN PERSON, outdoor, socially distanced spots at WCP in Long Branch, NJ – book one ASAP if you can be with us there).

Our Teacher List thus far:

    1. Miles Borrero
    2. Erica Garcia
    3. Janessa Mondestin
    4. Brianna Paden-Williams
    5. Rodney Salomon
    6. Mychal Mills
    7. Anna Major
    8. Ericka Uter
    9. Cristal Sharma
    10. Estefania Moreno
    11. Debby Kaminsky
    12. Serena Soffer

Yoga Nidra to close with Michelle Weintraub

We want to make sure our whole community can attend this event. To make that possible, we have created a tiered pricing model to allow each student to select in at their financial ability without question and/or explanation.

We have three price points – Sustainer: pay it forward // Supporter: cover your costs // Community: use an assist.

Please choose whatever works for you. We just want you there!

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